Q: What is the Chopaderos?

A: The CHOPADEROS are a world wide outlaw bicycle club. We share the common goal of togetherness, drinking and blowing people’s minds with our wild looking chops. If you can dig that, then drop us a line.

Q: How many members got the Club?

A: Right now we have about 80 members including prospects and hang arounds. (2007) Chapters can be found in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, Finland, Spain, Belgium, France and Canada.

Q: Only members with bicycles or also motorcycles and cars?

A: The CHOPADEROS are a “bicycle” club and will remain a bicycle club, that’s what makes it unique. But, with that said, many members do own and build some awesome hot rods and chopper motorcycles. The bicycles are a natural extension of that…and cost a lot less bread :)

Q: What is the structure of Chopaderos?

A: There are “hang arounds” or “wanna be’s” which are people who are interested in joining the club, but are not yet fully committed. Next are the “prospects” who are people who want to be in the club and have asked to be in or who have been asked by a member to join. They will wear either the support patch or just the “booze head”(skull) patch during this time.

Q: If I want to be a Chopadero , what shall I do? This is “the big question”.

A: The membership process is really more about time then anything else. It can take anywhere from 2 months to 2 years to become a full member. Full membership comes after you prove that you are not an asshole and you can behave when you are in a crowd of 50 people all wearing the same patch. Sometimes this can lead to people doing stupid shit. You have to be cool, stay cool, participate and be a working part of the club. No BS.

If you believe everything you read about us then you probably wouldn’t want to join. Getting to know someone is the biggest part. We want people who are into bikes, but who can also handle themselves in a large group.

Q: What gives the membership in Chopaderos?What are the advantages?

A: You get out what you put in…and sometimes you get a free place to stay all over the world.

Q: What are the rules for Chopaderos members?

A: You need to ride some kind of custom bike. Even if it’s a stock bike you should make it your own. And rule #1…Don’t be a Dick (dick is American for asshole/idiot/pain in the ass) we are about building bikes, drinking beer, togetherness (as you saw at the FBI) and blowing minds.

Q: A lot of clubs all over the world are "just for fun". What`s the background of the Chopaderos?

A: Our club was formed over a few beers while hammering a set of forks on an old Schwinn Pea Picker Danimal picked up in Mexico. Now that’s what I call fun. All clubs have their ups and downs, but it’s always been about having fun…when it’s not, I’m out.

Q: How important is the Vest with the Chopaderos Banner?


Q: What are the differences in club stripes of Chopaderos?

A: In North America the “booze head” back patch is for prospects and the bottom Chopadero patch is worn with the booze head as full membership. this can be different in parts of Europe.

Q: Are there anywhere special Chopadero Meetings?

A: In the States we don’t have any formal meetings. If someone has an idea for the club they will usually bounce it off me and if it sounds good then we will try and implement it….but for the most part it is a self governed club.

Q: Most chapters handle things in a way that works best for them, meetings, no meetings. But for all chapters the bottom line is stay cool, you stay in, if you lay a bad trip on someone, you’re out.

Who made the Logo?

A: Several people were involved with the logo and art work. The stencil font was Chavez and the rocker was designed by Kickstand. The original “Booze Head” was designed by me (Fonda) and the cleaned up version in was made in Amsterdam.

Q: These club stripes, can chapters print them by themselves or should they buy them?

A: All of the patches go through either the Euro HQ in Holland of the USA HQ in San Diego. The money that is paid for the patches will cover the cost of making them. The Chopaderos are not about making money off of other Chopaderos through the patch and there are no dues to pay. But…you can buy some awesome bikes and bike parts from members…we have some of the most talented custom builders in the club.

Q: How do Chapters grow?

A: Once the chapter is up and running, you decide who is in the club. It can be anyone you decide is worthy. Think of it this way; are they someone who you would bring to the FBI? If so, then they will probably make a good member. What ever they do will be a reflection on all of us…so it’s important to choose wisely.

Q: How important is the Lifestyle Part of the Club?Can I also become a member as a non-drinking, not-tattooed, boring guy, when I built a chopper that burns the streets?

A: The lifestyle is what you make it. When I met my fellow club members in Europe I felt like I had known them for years. The CHOPADEROS lifestyle can’t really be put into words….. Close your eyes and imagine yourself riding with 250 of your closest friends on super stylo bikes, full speed, upsetting the Bizz… it’s mind blowing brother.

As far as the second part YES you could become a member. You do not have to drink or have tattoos to be in the club. We have some members without tattoos and some members that don’t drink. We also have a lot of members with tattoos and a lot of members that drink. Once you are on a cruise you can forget about the “boring guy” part.

Q: OK, what would happen, if the boring guy we talked about, would be at a Bike-Meeting, wearing a Chopaderos Vest?

A: Huuuummmm… Do you mean he made his own patch and was pretending to be in the club? That would be far out! I think we would just break one leg to start with ;) or leave him in a room with Elvin and Olaf !!

The club patch can take a long time to get and we have several members who have club tattoos…so you can see the importance of protecting the name.

Q: Can I become a Chopadero and still wear old patch?

A: Yes, but there will need to be a distinction/difference between old club and the Chopaderos. You could always have a small old patch placed somewhere on you club jacket. Maybe you guys had to put a lot into the old club…so it would be hard to ask you to totally turn your back on it.

Q: No Girls in the Club?

A: There are plenty of girls in the club, and their all easy on the eyes…if you don’t have girls…you won’t have guys.

Q: Will a new Chapter get support?

A: Absolutely, I can offer you what ever advice you need to get the club chapter started.

Q: What`s the aim? To have the biggest Bicycle Club in the world or to have a high quality of a few in different countries? Or both?

A: We are not about becoming the biggest, the first, or the baddest bike club in the world. Who knows maybe we will become the biggest, but that’s never been the goal. It would be easy to become a “logo cut and paste” internet club with hundreds of thousands of members we don’t know, or never will know. Who wants that?

Q: What about Chapter websites?

A: There are only 2 official Chopadero websites. This way we can control how the club is seen on the world wide web. Any pictures of club members can be put on either site, and any club event pictures you have can be linked